CAUS has gone Vogue

CAUS NZ has gone Vogue. That’s right; our ethically made hats are sitting alongside leading fashion brands in the world’s fashion central: Vogue.

This year, Caus NZ featured in three online Fashion Accessory Guides in Vogue UK. Our hats were seen in a roundup of swimwear essentials, plus general essential accessory guides for shoppers worldwide. Sustainable fashion is often excluded from the mainstream, and associated with compromising style, so we jumped at the chance to prove this assumption wrong. Sustainable fashion is beautiful, timeless, elegant, comfortable, and high quality.

Our Caus NZ hats are totally ‘in Vogue’.


A Caus NZ hat is made to be bought once, and used for a lifetime. They never go out of date, and go with absolutely everything. Off to the beach? Heading out on the yacht with friends? Attending a wedding? Walking to a lunch date? Planning a picnic? Our hats are ready for you to take on all sorts of adventures, regardless of the trends or era.

In the current mainstream fashion climate, timelessness is a paradox. Brands are releasing seasons weekly, and consumers continue to jump on trends that last for just a few days before the next one comes along. Trends make consumers feel inadequate with what they already own, and force constant consumerism. Caus NZ hats are different; they won’t ever make you feel like you need anything else. They’ll stay ‘in Vogue’ forever, and suit your style no matter your age, stage, or phase.


Gone are the days when sustainable fashion was exclusively tie-dye shirts and potato sacks! Caus NZ hats are elegant, sophisticated, and sought after. They’re the type of hat strangers stop to comment on in the street! Whether it be the Classic Panama Hat, Women’s Panama Hat Wide Brim, or Traveller Panama Hat, elegance is a word consistently used to describe Caus NZ hats, and our features in Vogue were no exception.


Caus NZ hats are far from just an accessory. They provide natural UV protection, and due to their design, they allow your head to breathe. We understand it’s important for a hat to offer both style and protection from the sun, so we’ve ensured our hats provide exactly that. Lounge on the beach looking fabulous, while trusting your head is safe from the sun. Each hat also comes in a range of sizes with detailed measurements, so you can measure your head and ensure you’re getting the most comfortable hat for you.

High quality

We believe sustainable fashion describes not only a product made well, but a product that lasts. An item created with sustainable materials cannot be sustainable if it breaks within a few wears! We’ve put a lot of time and energy into sourcing our hats from places that guarantee high quality and fair trade craftsmanship.

Our hats are made by hand in Ecuador, by artisans who’ve been weaving hats for generations. These skilled makers use fine fibres from the Toquilla palm to weave each hat individually with precision and care. Every Caus NZ hat is made to withstand wear and tear, and serve as an asset in your wardrobe for your entire lifetime. Many artisans in Ecuador have been weaving for 70+ years, so rest assured, they certainly know how to make a quality hat!

It was an incredible honour to represent sustainable fashion in Vogue three times this year. We’ve proven sustainable fashion is timeless, elegant, comfortable, and high quality. No one has to compromise on style when it comes to garments that are made in fair working conditions, and we’re excited for where this opportunity will take us!

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