Care Guide

As an ethical fashion stockist, we believe that we are responsible for ensuring our hats last  many years, if not, a lifetime. We believe that slow fashion is core to the wellbeing of our planet and its people. We provide clear care instructions, so that you give the care your hat deserves.

Cleaning and caring for your hat: 

  • Clean your hat with a mild soap and a soft white cloth
  • Store your hat in a humid and cool place to keep its original shape and softness, such as near a bathroom.
  • Avoid wearing your hat in the rain as it may lose its shape
  • If your hat gets too dry spray it very lightly with a small amount of clean water
  • You can restore your hat’s original shape by ironing the brim at a low temperature with a slightly damp cloth
  • Your hat should be left folded for the shortest  period of time possible
  • Crochet hats are considered to be more resistant and easily fold-able
  • The correct way of to hold your hat is not from the crown as it is the most delicate part but from each side of the wings